After many years as a corporate software engineer I decided to become a freelancer in 2014. This gave me the freedom to continue to do the website work in which I have long experience while also developing a new-found interest in videography.

Although I’ve only been shooting video since 2014 I have many years of experience as a serious amateur photographer. With a solid grounding in the principles of photography and some hands-on experience working for a couple of seasoned video pros I’ve been able to get up to speed in video quickly.

I particularly welcome the opportunity to do creative, meaningful work and do a lot of work for non-profits. With all my clients I try to learn what makes them unique and what are their most important messages. Then, I try to craft that into a story that keeps viewers interested and engaged.

Whether the work is non-profit or commercial my rates are very affordable. Send me an email on my contact page to find out how cost-effective video can be for your organization.