What Kind of Video Do You Need?

Introductory Video

Quickly make a personal connection
with new customers.
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Social Media Content

Social media loves video. Get more engaged customers.
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The easiest way to teach something is to show how it’s done.
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Have satisfied customers?
Let the world know!
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Have a performance, conference or other special event planned? Capture it!
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Need something special?
Just let me know?
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Video is Everywhere

Video is everywhere these days and with good reason. Nothing beats video for impact and the ability to quickly make a connection with the viewer. If you’re not using video you’re missing a great opportunity to engage with your audience.

The great news is that today video content can be created inexpensively. The proliferation of inexpensive camera gear and software has made it much easier to get started with video. At the Video Performance I specialize in creating affordable video content that achieves your goals within your budget.

iPad showing YouTube video